Balances And Positions

Independent Research
Our experienced research team offers invaluable and objective research tools that would assist you in making more informed investing decisions. You would get daily market commentaries, earnings highlights, stock picks and market and economic reports from our analysts. With extensive coverage of the Nigerian economy, stock market as well as offshore (international) regions, we offer you the highest potential for growth at predetermined risk levels

Distribution Network
Wherever you are, our brokerage service is available to you. You can access our service at any ARM Investment Center The ARM Investment Centers serve as point of contacts for our service. Also available at the ARM Investment Centers are mutual funds – equity/money market, pensions and real estate products. The ARM Investment Centers are staffed with trained and competent investment advisors offering free investment advice tailored to your long term objective. Our brokerage services are also available on our online trading portal ARM STOCKTRADE on

Fair Pricing
At ARM Securities, you can expect straightforward pricing, with no hidden charges. Trades would attract charges applicable to the selected channel. Your trades will attract the same fees regardless of the account size or trade size.

Long-Term Investing
What is your long-term investing goal? A comfortable retirement, children’s education, a home? Whatever it is/they are, we would work with you to understand your investment objectives and form an overall long-term investment strategy that suits your needs. We take into consideration, your risk tolerance, budget and time horizon. Each client’s portfolio is specific and would be adjusted as the target date draws closer.

Online Tools
Take advantage of real-time market opportunities via our self service online trading portal  ARM Stocktrade . Everything you need to enhance and better inform your trading experience  has been made available  on including quality research  and a fully functional trading platform

Customer Support
No matter what you need and when you need support, we are here for you. Account executives are available to assist and answer questions online, over the phone and at our branch.

In addition, we offer flexible support tailored to your needs; for both discretionary and non-discretionary clients.

While the global financial environment remains ever-changing, we at ARM securities have stayed constant in three areas: our commitment, protection and stability. We provide clients with a secure investing experience, making efforts to keeping clients protected from the onset.