Watch Lists (“stock picks”)

Watch Lists are used to track investments that match your investment strategy. Aside our watch lists, you can create a list of potential stocks you are interested in and monitor the market to get a quick snapshot of their activity.

The stocks you hold will be your default watch list. As illustrated in the table below, a client, Mr A holding 5 different stocks will have a default watch list closest to:

Current market value of XXX’s list: N5,500,000
Symbol Quantity Mkt Value
ABC 20,000 1,050,000
DEF 175,000 2,250,000
GHI 2,000 1,225,000
JKL 1,150 475,000
MNO 100 500,000

Clients can also customize the data that is most applicable to them:

Data Points
Day’s gain
Day’s gain (N)
Price @ purchase
Date @ purchase
Last volume size
Last trade size
Market value
Year High
Year Low