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How Do I Open A Stock Broking Account With Arm Securities?

We may open a brokerage account after receipt of your duly filled account opening form and the provision of relevant account opening documentation. The account can be opened with cash, share certificates, transfer of existing securities from others or a combination of all of the above.

What Are The Relevant Documents Required To Open An Account?

The documents include:

  • Passport photograph (2 copies)
  • Form of Identification Driver’s License/International Passport/ National ID
  • Utility Bill PHCN/NITEL/Water Bill
  • Two Reference Letters

How Long Does It Take To Open An Account?

Approximately two working days.

Where Can I Get Account Opening Forms?

Any of our officers will be willing to deliver the forms to you, or you can obtain the forms from:

  • Our office
  • Any ARM Investment Center location
  • ARM’s Website at: http://www.arm.com.ng/ or http://www.arminvestmentcenter.com/