Balances And Positions

At ARM Securities, you get a view of your account details to enable you track your account performance at every point in time.

A combined account view: You can view your balances and positions across all your ARM Securities accounts to keep track of your networth and total exposure in any one asset or asset class.

Control over your account view: Control over your account view: You can modify the display of key details to suit you. As illustrated in the table below, you can choose the order of different asset types are shown in the table below.
For example, you can see your balance across accounts.

Cash N50,000
Account 1 N20,000
Account 2 N10,000
Account 3 N20,000
Short Stocks Account 1 N15,000
Long Stocks N35,000
Account 1 N18,000
Account 3 N17,00
Cash balance N10,000
Long Stock value N50,000
Short Stock value N30,000
Data Points
Day’s gain
Day’s gain (N)
Price @ purchase
Date @ purchase
Last volume size
Last trade size
Market value
Year High
Year Low